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“Unapologetic – Romantic Notions of a Modern Woman,” 2017 acrylic and graphite on canvas, 72” x 72”
Unapologetic – Romantic Notions of a Modern Woman, 2017 acrylic and graphite on canvas, 72” x 72”

Western Canadian art blog and magazine Galleries West has published a descriptive review of Sara Robichaud’s exhibition at Gallery Jones Unapologetic- Romantic Notions of a Modern Woman (Oct. 13-Nov. 18, 2017).

Click here for the article, Sara Robichaud Makes No Apologies, written by Portia Priegert.

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Opening reception: Saturday, October 14, 2-4 pm.

Exhibition dates: October 13 – November 18, 2017.

milky when wet, acrylic and graphite on canvas, 30 x 24 inches.

Excerpt from Sara Robichaud’s artist statement that accompanies the exhibition:

The artworks in this exhibition stem from an ongoing painting project entitled “An Unapologetic Affair” which embodies my vision for the inclusion of my home, and the mundane routines, rituals and interactions that we live out on a daily basis, as a work of art. “Unapologetic – Romantic Notions of a Modern Woman” is a series of paintings in which I’ve traced forms and outlined cast shadows, using furniture and domestic items to create an alluring and personal visual narrative.

Over the years, I have developed an awareness of the subtle phenomena present around me at home and as part of this project, have been acting on my inclinations to draw, paint, and create using my house as a canvas. Gradually, I have transformed my home into a walk-through painting, enhancing subtle aspects of the history of our house, the objects we live with, and traces of life, making them visible but not overt.

The paintings in this Gallery exhibition are influenced by the interventions I’ve been undertaking in the house and vice versa. This seamless flow of ideas is rich, and allows for innovation as my mind operates in an alternative mode, processing possibilities and breaking perceived boundaries. The fluctuating state of my home mirrors my working process, revealing the provisional steps I take when constructing a painting, and acts like a venue to stage ideas and enact potential outcomes.

These paintings, which are made using restrained and specific formal methods rooted in non-objective abstraction, end up reading as referential / objective artworks. They are highly literal – in fact they have become still life’s of personal objects – self portraits painted abstractly. In my exploration of each object I have been patient and curious, making visible notes on the canvas in pencil to document formal characteristics and then attempting to translate the resonance of each thing in paint.

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