Alex McLeod projection animation opens in Surrey
25 January 2018 - 8:41, by , in Artists Press, Gallery Jones News, Comments off
PHANTASMAGORIA preview / Photo courtesy of City of Surrey

New work by Alex McLeod has been commissioned for UrbanScreen, the offsite programming venue of Surrey Art Gallery. A lens-based animation called PHANTASMAGORIA will be projected onto the west wall of Chuck Bailey Recreation Centre in Surrey starting on January 25, 2018 and continuing until April 29, 2018. The projection animation by Alex McLeod runs from 30 minutes after sunset until midnight, and is visible from the SkyTrain between Gateway and Surrey Central stations.

The work “uses digital software to render imagery that moves between two and three-dimensional space, dissolving the façade between our own physical word and the imagined possibilities of elsewhere”. It also participates in the 2018 Capture Photography Festival (April 1-30).

Click here for the City of Surrey press release.

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